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For the first, we prefer to introduce our company. We deliver chips
For your information, because you have to know, the size of the chip doesn´t explain it´s quality.
It means, if it´s bigger, it doesn´t mean that it is more clever or disposes of more quality.
It often happens, that the installation of them ends with a disaster or broken printer.
Several manufacturer bring many different kinds and types of chips onto the market.
But only our company can offer that, what no other manufacturer can afford.

  • unique quality
  • appearance the same as OEM a), no differences
  • customer-friendly prices
  • enclosed instructions
  • technical support
  • worldwide supply

Our technical department took time especially for creating a perfect chip, without any disadvantages, to be able to work effectively.
The result came out and became directly very successful.
A good quality does not have to be original, it has only to be good, doesn´t it? And, it definitely is.
In case you look for chips with OEM similar skills, please ask for our chips, you will not regret it.





  1. Minimal quantity order : 10 pieces per chip type.
  2. Currency : euros ( €/EU).
  3. Minimal amount order : 300,- EU.
  4. Stock: 90 % of goods are in stock, 10 % on enquiry.
  5. Discounts : to be negotiated personnel or by phone.
  6. Delivery place : worldwide.
  7. Delivery time : if in stock 1-3 days (EU), if not to be defined each time
  8. Payment conditions : in advance.
  9. Orders : please order online or per e-mail: sale@printerchip.eu (Always note a full delivery address and your full name)
  10. Remarks : prices could be changed without prior announcement.
  1. Mindestbestellmenge : 10 Stück per Chip-Typ.
  2. Währung : Euro ( €/EU).
  3. Mindestbestellwert : 300,- EU.
  4. Verfügbarkeit: 90 % aller Modelle sind auf Lager, 10 % auf Anfrage.
  5. Rabatte : werden entweder telefonisch oder persönlich ausgehandelt.
  6. Lieferort : weltweit.
  7. Lieferzeit : wenn auf Lager 1-3 Tage (EU), falls nicht verfügbar - wird auftragsbezogen festgelegt
  8. Zahlungsbedingung : Vorkasse.
  9. Bestellung aufgeben : bitte bestellen Sie online oder per E-Mail: sale@printerchip.eu
  10. Vermerk : Preise könnten ohne vorausgehende Ankündigung geändert werden.










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